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Spryte Spotlight recognizes and awards the tech leaders at the forefront of digital transformation for their organizations and society at large. It shares their thoughts and perspectives on leadership, the technology landscape, and where their organizations are heading.


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Cover for Artificial Intelligence

Issue #1

Jan 17th 2024

Artificial Intelligence

Cover for AR/VR/W3

Issue #2

Oct 15th 2024


Issue #1

Artificial Intelligence

The first issue of Spryte Spotlight 2024, recognizing the pioneers of the AI revolution. We'll find big-picture thinkers, down-to-earth innovators, and cut-throat leaders who know how to execute.

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Diffblue Spryte AI Spotlight Company To Watch Award

Diffblue received the Spryte Spotlight Company to watch award for their groundbreaking product - the only fully-autonomous AI-powered Java and Kotlin unit test writing solution, generates reliable unit tests at scale, locally and in CI environments.

Gupshup CTO Krishna Tammana Awarded Spryte AI Spotlight Award

Krishna Tammana was awarded the Spryte Spotlight Company to Watch award for his outstanding contribution and groundbreaking product Gupshup which builds AI-powered chatbots that truly engage customers and help organisations level up their customer service game.

Part data, part expert opinion

Part data, part expert opinion

Deciding which tech leaders to honor is based on two factors: data from our Spryte Technology Index, an open and data-driven company ranking system, and the opinion of a panel of industry experts who determine the intangibles.

Nominate a leader

Nominate a leader

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