A technology pipeline with INFOSEC in mind

Because no system is secure unless every component is secure, Spryte comes with information security built in. Set your risk tolerance and go, it’s never been this easy to be safe.

What's your risk threshold?

All our technology partners on the Spryte Platform are vetted and classified according to their experience and level of infosec management. Ask your risk management personel to review our guidelines and tell you what score is right for you.

With a simple click, you can now browse and get real-time pricing for technology teams and vendors who handle security the way you expect them to. No more lenghty back and forth with your risk department, gone are the delays that hamper your growth.

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Tailor vendor costs with flexible INFOSEC requirements

Each project has different needs. Spryte helps you find the right partner for the job at hand.

Domain Specific Requirements

Each industry has their own INFOSEC requirements. Spryte makes it easy to find partners with the right security qualifications.

Re-Certification Built-in

Avoid the hassle of vendor re-certification, we do that for you. Partners on the Spryte Platform must be in good standing at all times.

Standard Risk Management Models

Our metrics use well-accepted industry standards your Risk Management Team will be familiar with.


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Spryte powers the kinds of companies that couldn’t exist even ten years ago, with new models like crowdfunding, on-demand apps, and marketplaces.