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Paid advertising is any kind of advertising that you have to pay for, versus owned or earned advertising. With paid advertising, marketers pay the owner of ad space in exchange for use of that space

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Accu Data Workforce Solutions

Accu Data Workforce Solutions

Accu Data is a payroll and human capital management solutions provider, serving small- to mid-sized businesses in the Tri-State area and beyond.

B2C Client Increases Business By 25 In Covid-Affected Industry

B2C Client Increases Business By 25 In Covid-Affec...

Our B2C client was operating in numerous disparate systems preventing them from tracking marketing spend in a data-driven way. We put their CRM, website, landing pages, marketing funnels, and ads all ...



After the website and inbound programs were launched, website traffic increased by 52% in just three months. The average time spent on the website increased 50%, demonstrating the site’s content prove...

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