On the technical front, we had a list full of requirements to be met in the most efficient manner. Here is the list of all the prominent requirements, apart from the sub-sections to each of them. - Crowd-funding (kickstart) - Multiple Profiles - Stripe Payment - Marketplace - Community Website - Dashboard - Landing page - Video Integration - Multiple Customizable Email Templates - Interactive Graphs - Group Module - Social Media Login & Integration Apart from this, the website was also required to be responsive and to be hosted on Acquia, which was a practice that we usually preferred to follow at here for any Drupal-based website.


Every path of any project reaches its destination without any obstacles. Skillflow too had its share of challenges and thanks to our sensible and skilled team, which overcame the challenges like a pro! Yet, it is always a good idea to keep in mind and share the bunch of challenges in order to keep the learnings in mind, forever. Here’re the challenges that we came across during the project and successfully came through them: - Role-based access and relationship - Competitions - Statistics - Video calling to mentor and Circle of Skillflow - Coins and Credit (Video calling) - Reflecting user-based timezone


Challenges challenge us to outshine than before. The same thing happened in this particular project of Skillflow too. Just as we started working on the major challenges, we got to earn new lessons. Having achieved each of the desired features of the client, we also ornamented the site with the below mentioned, noticeable features: - Site accessible via membership only - Goals/tasks have specific time-frame - The process of finding a mentor/mentee is easy - Private messaging option - A protean notification feature - Custom API Development - Mentor suggestion feature - Option to buy get free credits - Followers feature on each registered member - Plan the upgrade for an increasing number of mentors - Lounge and Forum access for each registered member - Level update feature for members - Ratings of the members - Filter feature for the goal page