Spryte Referrals (admins only)

You have no referrals yet, click on "Add a new referral" to submit one.

How Spryte Referrals Works


New Contacts must be new and unknown to us, with no existing Referrer. i.e. the “first dibs” rule.


A referral is valid for 12 months. The total amount spend by that client(your referee) during the 12 months after the referral will be the basis for your commission. Referral comissions are 5% of the basis, credited in Spryte Points to your referral account 30 days after payments made by the referee.


You can't add referrals for companies you currently work for, or colleagues


For rules around the redeeming of Spryte Points see our Spryte Points Policy


Rules 1-4 above are negotiable on a case-by-case basis for exceptional referrals.