A1 Enterprise

A1 Enterprise

A1 Enterprise was founded in 2001 in Santa Cruz, CA and has built custom proprietary risk management software systems for large corporations through 2008. In 2010, A1 created an off-the-shelf product, A1 Tracker. The intention of A1 Tracker was to combine the benefits of off-the-shelf software with fully custom build software. A1 Tracker has since become as instrumental in running businesses as core data management software and often serves as companion software with ERP systems. A1 Enterprise implements and supports A1 Tracker contract management software and other forms of project management software that may be hosted in the cloud or on premise. We also provide professional support services and customizations for unique or complex requirements. By studying other software implementations for over a decade, and as cloud software matured, A1 Enterprise saw a strong need for an off-the-shelf software product with more flexibility to accommodate inter-departmental needs. A1 Enterprise strengths extend far beyond the product offered. The investment into the software implementation process ultimately sets the stage for how well the software supports the business, how receptive users are to using the software, and ultimately the ROI. The intention of A1 Tracker is to solve many of the problems we see customers facing with other off-the-shelf products, which are costly and limited to meet unique business requirements. One such problem is integrating other systems with core systems, such as HR, ERP, and manufacturing. A1 Tracker dealt with this problem face on by design a dashboard system capable of reporting on multiple & external data sources, without importing data.


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