3e Software House

3e Software House

An experienced developer of bespoke software for large and medium businesses. Our top-down solutions run basic processes in your enterprise, like order collection and processing, customer service, loyalty programs, extensive database processing, delivery, and logistical support, and much more.   Why you should consider working with us? Since 2001 we have successfully delivered dedicated IT solutions including web applications and backend services We are a mature yet flexible and effective organization focused on delivering the greatest possible value to our customers We hire experienced developers for whom software development is passion and but also fun We hire experienced IT system architects We continuously improve our internal development and delivery process tracking all important trends in the IT world (CI/CD, test automation, containerization, DDD) Software security is always the first priority for us We believe that understanding customer goals is the key factor to achieve success, hence we put a big emphasis on requirement analysis Not only we deliver software for our customers, but in most cases, we also support and maintain it, which is possible because of our experience in the support field and separate team. We also extensively use monitoring techniques to make sure that all systems are performing well. The solution implemented by us are processing tens of millions of orders per year We specialize in:   Java / Spring boot PHP / Yii2 / Laravel Node.js React.js Docker / Kubernetes database: Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB deployment: Linux, Azure, AKS legacy development: Delphi


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