An Impactful App For A Reputed Bike Dealer


This app is a one-stop solution to manage the maintenance and servicing of bikes. This project was based upon ERP app development and was initiated to store and manage the data of the user in one place. Our esteemed client was seeking a user-friendly platform with simplified and secure access that can also serve the convenience for the user for setting up and maintaining the bike. The client also wanted to implement other requirements like push reminders and Strava. Push reminders to prompt the users about the due date of the bike service and Strava to track the route which can be calculated from the App side.


We were aimed to develop a user-centric mobile app. We implemented unit and beta-tested features. This required the backend to enable the push notifications on the user’s device via their device tokens and IDs.The biggest challenge was to test it practically because bicycle riding tracking was a big task and this could only be tested practically.


We used the cron jobs for push notifications to work on the App Side.We used Strava that allowed the users to link their Strava account with the App and then fetch the data. For fully-functional Strava, we used APIs that can fetch us good amounts of data of a particular user.We used a bike to test the ride and estimated all the results.

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