On-demand Mobile App And Website To Find A Reliable Logistic Partner



This is a transparent platform where users can directly get in touch with reliable and renowned logistics services providers. Our client wanted to digitize this service which was then offline. They wanted to develop a hassle-free and user-friendly website & mobile apps (Android and iPhone) for those people who were moving/ shifting from one place to another and were seeking logistics assistance.


Since the project was about managing the business across different geographic locations, it was imperative to have proper coordination and communication in order to make this app successful. We initiated the foundation of this project by infusing the latest technology and trends that hail in the nature of this industry. One of the main challenges of the project was to develop a reliable and user-friendly booking interface for the customers so that they could easily transition from an offline model of booking to an online model.


We developed and delivered a robust and scalable MVP mainly for two reasons:- 1. So, that the users do not get affected and disappointed. 2. Address the queries of the users (customers) simultaneously. We helped our client to mitigate the logistics management, deal with undefined performance metrics, etc. For this, our tech-nerds infused impeccable features such as roadside assistance, scheduling/ rescheduling the services to track the service.

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