Property Management Application


Rent Smart is a property management software company. They offer products to tenants who want to search for properties and landlords who want to manage their properties. Additionally, their software provides online training that can educate landlords on what to do, how to find tenants, and more.


He was searching for a solution that could streamline his efforts and provide the tools that could help scale his business and manage more units. He was also involved in mentoring and coaching others that were interested in the industry’s best software options. He could not find an optimal off-the-shelf solution, so he interviewed and met with top vendors and brokers but determined that they were not using what he needed. He decided to build a solution that would help manage the properties as well as the training programs. After interviewing eight different software development companies, he chose us, which was recommended by a business advisor. We were the best fit because of our reputation for being organized and providing ongoing support and development options for growth such as providing a staffing solution should he need.


Our software architect spent between 30-60 days doing a deep dive to get a clear picture of what was needed. Afterward, a full Design Solution was developed, and by leveraging Justin’s real estate industry we also helped develop the MVP to get them launched and developed quickly. He wanted to create property management software that could track the property’s listing, trace payment history, maintenance requests, and all the way through to the move-out inspection. Through the design solution, we were able to help Justin learn which tools and options he wanted to give his clients. We needed to understand what their logistical processes were in order to build a more robust application. He needed to integrate the new software with a variety of 3rd part solutions to make the product function in the desired manner. This included creating a connection to swipe for payment, credit checks with Transunion, DocuSign for signatures on contracts, and a much-needed storage tool solution to store all the documents. In addition, we helped design and build a back-end function to provide online video training. We helped him find the right solution to fit into his budget as a 100% custom design was cost-prohibitive. To that end, some of the development was completed by using a WordPress platform with additional builds. The end product is highly functional and stay within budget.

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