SaaS Based Childcare Management Learning Platform


With an aim to build a comprehensive, curriculum-aligned education platform targeted to primary school students, the client approached us. They needed a childcare management software solution that can help manage daily business operations and modernize children daycare activities. We analyzed the business needs and designed the apt platform. Key Features The unified childcare management system helps childcare centres, Montessori and after-school programs manage end-to-end business processes and provide efficient daycare services. Important modules included lesson planning, attendance & meal program tracking, payment processing, parent-teacher collaboration, progress reports and more.


No existing solution that offers a syllabus-oriented learning platform where primary school kids can learn at home. Lack of any digital and interactive learning system to assist teachers in keeping students engaged No data-driven mechanism to identify areas of strength and weakness in a child’s learning Manual and cumbersome method of providing lessons, assignments and assessment.


We developed a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based as an end-to-end child care centre management software that enables offering services and education programs to streamline day-to-day functions while encouraging self-paced learning among students. All this while saving time and money. Program management A complete set of child care software solution features help define activity categories, set class limits, schedule lessons, personalize learning for the kids with games & rewards and handle other administrative tasks in a hassle-free way. Dedicated parent portal It allows parents to monitor in-class activities and development milestones of their little ones easily. The offline worksheets and teacher suggestions enable families to get actively involved in a child’s education and have a better understanding of the child’s development. Staff management & scheduling Helps keep essential information about teachers at hand, including timecard hours, log notes, electronic documents, leave & payroll records and more. Reporting & feedback module Makes generating and sharing daily performance & assessment reports with visual cues a breeze. Here, students, staff and parents can provide feedback for the lessons conducted to set the next course of action.

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