Melkior Professional Ecommerce

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We needed a robust e-commerce platform that could scale and sale to hundreds of thousands of customers. They built that platform from scratch together with a complex promotion system and ERP integration.
Alexandre Eram
Founder & CEO


When thousands of clients visit your site every day, it has to look and work flawlessly. So we gave this pretty ecommerce the power it needed.


With thousands of clients per day and a continuously growing business, the people at Melkior Professional needed a more reliable platform to sell their cosmetic products.


The online shop was built using PrestaShop, plus different specialized modules built from scratch in PHP. The result was an online shop where it’s easy to receive orders, add new products and even create and manage dozens of special offers. And all available across different countries with different promotional needs. We also integrated it with their existing ERP and now we are helping them with maintenance and bug fixing.

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