Topaz implementation for IXMetals




With increasing digitalisation across the industry, organisations are looking for trading and risk management solutions able to handle the complex fundamentals of the metals markets to maximise profitability for trading desks. Topaz has been expertly designed to cover the nuances across the various metals markets, including accurate units and FX handling, discounting, and physical optionality valuation.


Wide variety of markets and trade types Cross-commodity derivatives (including exotic options) and physicals (including physical optionality) Real time P&L and risk reporting View real time P&L, exposure and risk (greeks/VaR) at any level from deal to multiple portfolios to consolidated company view. Fully versioned data and historical analysis Think of it like an Apple Time Machine - run any report from any time, forever. Or even multiple historical days in the same report. Comprehensive Excel add-in For traders who love Excel, our add-in has rich functionality covering almost the entire scope of the system. Valuation explanation Our unique feature shows you exactly how we have calculated each value, so you can easily reconcile or troubleshoot. Flexible reporting One intuitive UI with the ability to combine multiple metrics and break out data, to build the perfect customized report.


Topaz offers real-time intraday risk across the full spectrum of commodities trading, no matter how complex. • Multiple commodities - Complexities of the various commodity markets covered seamlessly, including oil, metals, power, gas, agriculture and freight, across both derivatives and physical trading. • Event driven, real-time pricing and risk management - Lightning processing speeds on big data, including instant end of day closing. • Built-in Advanced Analytics - Handling complex concerns such as physical optionality is increasingly important. Topaz has built-in, powerful analytics capability with distributed computation models. • Consumer tech feel - With an attractive and intuitive UI to make any trader feel at home. • Flexible reporting - Combine multiple metrics and break out data, to create perfect customised reports; all reports can be charted. • Fully versioned data and historical analysis – Run any report from any time, forever, or even multiple historical days in the same report. • Full valuation explanation - A clear full explanation of all the steps in the calculation tree for all values in the system which facilitates reconciliation with other systems and gives peace of mind to the user. • Full P&L change explanation - Broken out by market data, fixings, vols, FX rates and more. • Latest technology - Leveraging the latest advances for competitive edge, with a powerful cloud native distributed architecture to support big data analysis, and modern APIs for easy integration. • Comprehensive Excel add-in - Rich functionality covering almost the entire scope of the system, allowing traders to keep their spreadsheets and avoid off-system risk

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