Transforming Gulf Airs Digital Presence With Open Source And Cloud

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Have done a great job!
Dr. Jassim Haji
Director of Information Technology


Gulf Air, Bahrain’s national carrier, is a leading ICT innovator in the Gulf. The giant opted for an end-to-end digital transformation of its online presence and services. They entrusted their long-term ICT partner, to implement and manage an Open Source (Drupal 7) portal built on the Microsoft Azure platform. Under stringent quality and delivery measures, Gulf Air enjoyed a new portal and a set of revamped services that created excellent brand exposure, user experience and business focus. The Bahraini airline also witnessed, first-hand, the significant cost reduction and ease of scalability when augmenting Open Source with Microsoft Cloud.


The airline decided to replace the old portal with a new richer and more impressive website using Open Source technologies. They wanted to move away from physical hosting of the portal which consumed a lot of effort, time and cost in IT environment management and maintenance. Besides moving into the cloud, the new portal was to be built on latest and most efficient technologies, personalized per passengers’ segments. It should be easily scaled to provide current and new services with zero tolerance for slow response while meeting the seasonal surges of booking without any risk of downtime. With too many customer information at stake, security of the solution is also critical to uphold.


Using the cost-effective, extensible, and flexible Drupal 7, we delivered a new, fast, efficient,personalized portal. our team provided cutting-edge, visually appealing and unique design, user experience and user interface. All information and services were developed to be easy-to-find, intuitive in navigation and fast in response. As an international hub, the SEO ready and social media enabled portal acted as a multilingual gateway providing a superb, consistent experience in the Arabic, English, German, Russian and French languages. Built to adhere to Responsive-Design standards, the portal and its fantastic parallaxes worked seamlessly on visitors’ desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The whole experience was personalized to create a platform for more engagement, upselling and brand loyalty. Portal visitors were able to find relevant information, services and targeted-promotions per visitor country and language.