CBE - Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Migration


CBE International


CBE's motive was to provide their end users a better and smooth UI experience. we helped CBE in maintaining their Drupal 7 site earlier and now we are helping them with Drupal 8 migration with a new theme and structural changes. We fine tuned the content type usage by merging and restructuring with the architectural changes and also made it easy to navigate, clean and yet attractive. We have changed the structure to component based which will ensure the component reusability and it represents well defined interfaces which will eventually help end users and it will be an easy migration to Drupal 9 in future. Requirements: On considering technical aspects, a list full of specifications was expected to meet skillfully. Below is a list of essential requirements provided, keeping aside the subsection of each of them. Homepage integration Landing page Community website Search API Migration using Drush commands Integrated third party audio Resource listing Event calendar Youtube video integration Contact us We preferred to choose the experienced and dedicated team ofour company. As apart from the above-listed features, there were several other customized features we wanted to build on the refurbished Drupal 8 website and we knew that tailor-made solutions of our team can help us with that.


Obstacles do come in every path of the project, but there always lies a way to reach its destination. CBE, too, had its challenges. We acknowledge our practical and skilled team who put their expertise and dedication to conquer the challenges and provide results. Customization with Location Filter CBE carries out various events, seminars, and conferences. Our customized location filter will help users to directly search the event and the places where these events are going to take place. The users can also search the countries and can find out the details regarding all the events taking place in those countries.


While examining the challenges of CBE, we got to learn many new lessons. At last, we successfully provided all the desired features by the client and above that revived the site by the below-mentioned features: Improvising landing page With alluring field types and updated themes in Drupal 8, we changed the entire view of the home page, making it more engaging and descriptive than before. We used the component-based structure to meet the precise needs of our end users. Revised search feature We have revised the search engine for CBE. We used search API and faceted search where the users can search the category and types of books and publications they want. The advanced search feature was customized so that users can easily find the authors and genre they are searching for. Migration Migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 is a steep curve but was successfully able to help them with their migration. This migration provided them with a faster and secure website. It served them with multiple field types that are easier to use, and a quick edit module was provided so that the content can be edited directly from the website's front end. CBE had multiple content types, but we helped them merge similar content types, which made it easier to process.

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