Going From 0 To 1500 Website Views For a Colorado Realtor

They created a top notch website with great service and knowledge.
Kelly Tabert



In this case study we will be discussing how an online presence can help your business build brand awareness and give you an additional platform to engage with your customers. Prior to working with us, Kelly Tabert did not have an online presence and generated all of her business through word of mouth advertising.


Our client wanted to niche her market down to a specialty that she is passionate about, horse properties in Parker, Castle Rock, and Centennial areas of Colorado as well as the southern suburbs of Denver. she was looking to become the go-to resource for individuals looking to buy a horse property. At the time she engaged with us the Colorado real estate market was blowing and going. Realtors could not even keep an inventory of properties, many of them were off the market minutes after they were available. In a market that is moving that fast, it is hard to work off referral marketing alone, especially when a lot of the home buyers were moving in from out of state. What our client needed was an online presence that would demonstrate her knowledge and expertise in the Colorado market. We started out by building her a website and then a monthly blog to build the core of a marketing platform for her.


We built our client a simple and effective website that her customers and potential customers could navigate effortlessly. On her website we addressed the key concerns her customers had and displayed this information in an easy to navigate way. The website consists of a home page, short biography, resources pages, and blog. On any homepage brevity above the fold is key, your customers need to know what you expect from them and guide them down that path. For our client the call to action, “Start Your Search” is clearly and prominently displayed on the home page which takes her customers to a page where her customers could see the properties that she had listed. There is also a secondary call to action to get her customers to get in touch with her directly. This call to action shows up at the top of every webpage. All of these tactics are industry best practices and promote customers to build trust with your brand quickly.We also highlighted her passions outside of work by noting her love of horses by including her World Championship titles.We took her testimonials page and hosted 28 reviews from Zillow to showcase her expertise. We had collected her testimonials on her website in case anything were to happen to her Zillow page. She also started adding testimonials and reviews to her Google My Business page to build trust with her audience. By including Zillow reviews and Google My Business reviews on her testimonials page, we also boosted her SEO and made her easier to find online.