RCos Beauty Ecommerce

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We came with the goal of expanding our beauty business online and they made it happen: they built us a robust ecommerce platform with all the features it needs.
Nicolas Gaeta
Digital Marketing Manager


RCos Solutions


RCos Solutions is a family business from Belgium which has been selling professional beauty products and serving hairdressers and beauticians for over 50 years.


RCos needed an e-commerce solution to increase their visibility and to help them bring online their well-established offline brand. They hired us to help with this transition and to create a custom ecommerce solution fit for their needs.


We designed and built an entire ecommerce platform, using PrestaShop 1.7 and custom development for other features. Aside from regular online shop actions (like browsing, adding things to your cart and placing orders) the RCos store can offer discounts, guest checkouts and a PRO and Student account types - where users get special offers.

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