Sustainable Trading With Small Farmers


We Initiative brings governments, companies and financiers together in action-driven partnerships. Their Farmfit programme makes investing in smallholder farming more attractive by providing technical assistance, insights and de-risked finance models.


We collaborated with IDH Farmfit to create a new web platform, called Farmfit Intelligence. We met with the team at their HQ in the Netherlands for the project kickoff sessions. We used this two-day workshop to learn about their target audience, goals, needs and challenges. We created two user personas for the website, based on former partners and clients of IDH: Sustainability Manager at a multinational company in Amsterdam Owner of cashew sourcing company in Africa Their goals included: Building a business case for sustainability within their organisation Creating effective presentations of business plans Improving the productivity of smallholders


Guided form with visual aids Final charts are always visible in the form. Split the process into smaller steps Users can abandon forms and finish them later without signing in. Reports can be shared using unique links Users can download the business models in a PDF format.

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