Building Trusted Authority Audience Engagement


The client manufactures and distributes various materials that assist with product creation. Occupying a very niche industry, they serve businesses in a wide range of sectors.


The client was losing organic traffic and wanted to regain visibility on search engines. After redesigning their website with another agency, the client was concerned about a noticeable drop in rankings and traffic. Decreased Organic Traffic Website traffic plummeted after the redesign because of technical errors within the website. Lower Page Rankings Pages with valuable content had been removed from the website, causing the client to lose authority in search engines. Reduced Visibility Because of the website errors and removed content, the client was not showing up frequently in search results.


SEO audit & content strategy Our first step was to run an SEO audit to determine areas of concern on the client’s website that negatively impacted their rankings. Next, we reviewed the audit and resolved technical issues that led to confusing error messages. We then identified helpful information that had been removed from the website, optimized it for search engines, and added it back. The client was so impressed with our SEO efforts that they added us as their full marketing partner. We continue to help with many areas of their marketing so they can educate their prospects, define their brand, and resonate with their audience.