Powers DHCR In Digitalizing The Future Of Healthcare In Dubais Free Zone And Landing A Government Excellence Award

Masaar portal is the first-of-its-kind in the UAE to provide unique, smart services in record time within complete, flexible governance. We are happy with progressing our vision of digitalization and contribution in building “Dubai Smart City”
Dr. Ramadan Alblooshi, Khalid Ahmed Al Sheikh Al Shamsi




DHCR, the leading regulatory arm was tasked with opening the doors to all healthcare players and business partners to easily live, work, invest and heal in Dubai; all within a framework of innovative services, strict regulations and highest-quality standards. Envisioning a new platform to digitize the flow and harmony of nearly 200 services, the meticulous body entrusted us with the challenge. In few months, Masaar, the first-of-it-kind, e-services platform in the UAE was launched strengthening Dubai’s ranking in ease of doing business, attracting medical tourism and prompting a culture of customer happiness. A year later, DHCR landed Dubai Government Excellence Award for 95.4% Customer Happiness rate.


DHCR was looking for a digital prater who can take the regulatory body through a journey of an insideout business transformation that matures and increases with the advent of new beneficial digital technologies.DHCR’s ultimately wants to align with Dubai Smart City initiative that calls for promoting a culture of customer happiness and providing maximum customer convenience across all services; which will eventually lead to strengthening the city’s ranking in ease of doing business index.


We had been a digital transformation partner for DHCR across multiple technology initiatives. Once again they joined forces to digitialize the future of healthcare in Dubai. We delivered Masaar, a central platform, on web and mobile, that integrates, manages and controls the onboarding and livelihood of healthcare providers through a huge set of integrated smart services. Masaar is accessed from DHCR portal, also developed by us. We digitalized services and integrated process using Microsoft CRM, unlike SAP, a global contender who aimed at landing the project and offered only the automation of current manual services. In their long-term digital partnership, We helped DHCR with a powerful presence in Dubai’s Arab Health Exhibition & Congress, the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the MENA. region