FactSumo Learning App

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They helped us improve our app’s code, its responsiveness, they added new features, and made the UI more cohesive.
Kevin Ramirez
Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer



FactSumo is a web and mobile app where you can take quick, 5-minute lessons in a wide variety of subjects. You can learn ASL, anatomy, literature, coding, a selection of languages, and many more. The app provides three different account types - users can learn through individual accounts, via schools that created a group and invited them to join, or through enterprise accounts.


We gave FactSumo several design and development improvements, but also some new features. As the company grew, they needed help in maintaining the platform, as well as adding new features. We were hired to do continuous development and to help improve some aspects of the platform, both in terms of usability and responsiveness and in terms of bug fixing, code audit and app speed and security.


We added improvements for lesson creators, such as reports and analytics, controls for specific types of facts (based on video or audio content), a new login page, and more. Aside from design elements, we did a code audit, fixed bugs, improved responsiveness and significantly increased the app speed and security.

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