Engineering Course For Innovation Hits All-Time High In Enrollment


Thirty students enrolled in the engineering school's innovation course for spring 2022, at course capacity, exceeding goals by 50%. A student acquisition cost of $91 per student enrolled in the course was achieved, between the $50 to $100 per student goal. Through a combination of hubspot email and facebook and instagram ad campaigns, We were able to generate a 1717% ROI for the engineering school. The US engineering school’s goal was to increase enrollment to its innovation course to 20 students—we were able to exceed goals by 50% and increase enrollment to 30 students. Using HubSpot Marketing Enterprise, we launched email and Facebook ad campaigns. The email campaign resulted in 1341 unique opens and 69 unique clicks and was attributed to eight students enrolling in the course. The Facebook and Instagram ad campaign resulted in 97k impressions, 272 clicks, and 22 students enrolling. Between the two channels, the innovation course was filled to capacity.


Keep student acquisition cost under $100 per student- The US engineering university’s goal was to increase enrollment to its innovation course, a pilot course for innovation and entrepreneurship targeted towards juniors, seniors, and master's students. The pilot's goal was to acquire 20 unique students to enrol in the Innov8x course in spring 2022. A critical target metric was to achieve an average Student Acquisition Cost between $50 and $100. This cost needs to be able to reduce over time as further insights are gathered, and existing assets are repurposed for future innovation course campaigns.


We built a two-email campaign focused on students at the beginning and end of the enrollment period, driving traffic to a course landing page and a course management software to sign up for the course. There were a total number of 122 non unique clicks on the email campaign. The email campaign cost $400 for creation and execution. The CPM was $0.04 per view and CPC was $3.28 per click for the email campaign. We also built a 4-ad set campaign on Facebook targeting students to enrol in the course, with analytics flowing to HubSpot Marketing Enterprise. Clicks went to the Innov8x course landing page and course management software for course signup. Approximately $2350 was spent on the ad campaign, between the creation and execution of the campaign. The CPM was $0.04 per view and CPC was $8.64 per click for the ad campaign.