A Retail-Specific Set Of IT Tools For A Large Wholesaler

Their experts were able to grasp the essence of the problems and found the most appropriate solutions. In particular, thanks to their work, Media Markt in Europe has become a truly unified network working for the benefit of our clients.
Mikołaj Phezinskiy
Chairman of the Board of Directors



We were approached by Media Markt - one of Europe’s largest retailers. The customer’s requirements were focused on the three main areas: eCommerce and stock management. customer's local web presence. self-service terminals. Finally, to highlight the benefits of working for Media Markt, our team developed and launched an online recruitment portal. Via this portal, a potential employee can see current vacancies with filters for a job position and location, apply for a position by filling out an online form and attach their CV. With this improvement, the customer was expected to gain an edge in the competitive labor market by attracting more relevant candidates, streamlining the assessment procedure, and building a full-fledged base of potential candidates to invite later.


The first issue was related to eCommerce and stock management. While running dozens of outlets across Europe, the company’s online sales were assigned to a single unified online store. As an outcome, given numerous orders being made continuously and vast distances between physical stores, shipping problems emerged. That's why the customer needed a tech tool to aggregate data, both product-specific and stock-level, across all locations in real-time. The second challenge was related to the customer's local web presence. Media Markt was willing to improve it so that client feedback could be properly collected, its loyalty program could be streamlined, and its recruitment processes could be facilitated with the help of an online career portal. Thirdly, self-service terminals in the company’s physical stores were slow, cumbersome, and unpopular. Those machines needed a software refresh and a new UI to ensure the best possible user experience. As a result, these terminals were expected to give Media Market leverage to: cut its costs, increase user engagement, optimize store traffic, facilitate the positive image of the business in the eyes of its store visitors, create an additional channel for communication with buyers and promotion of its offers.


Speaking about the software for self-service terminals, the main obstacle was constituted by the fact that they were difficult to use. As an outcome, clients would often have to ask Media Market’s staff members for assistance. Our software developers created a new user-friendly interface and effectively reduced the overall number of steps needed to make purchases and book deliveries. Finally, the payment process was significantly streamlined. We successfully handled the challenge posed by questionnaires and customer loyalty program issues. Namely, our developers integrated a survey system into the existing loyalty program. Another improvement was about providing incentives for clients to complete the questionnaires by offering them reward points. The latter can be redeemed as discounts for future purchases. Data stemming from these surveys is combined with each customer’s purchase history, search requests, and other information to create a more personalized experience and offer them better-targeted discounts and sale notifications. As for the recruitment portal, we focused on demonstrating the benefits of working at Media Markt to potential employees. For this purpose, we closely collaborated with the company when developing the online recruitment portal. The website displays current vacancies that can be filtered by roles and locations. Thus, potential candidates can apply for job openings by filling out an online form and attaching their CVs or linking it to an external online resume.

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