How We Helped The FDA Group Increase Five-Year Sales Revenue By 317 Achieve 37x Marketing ROI


The FDA group is a pharmaceutical, medical device and biologic consulting company. In 2015, they were as a steadily growing company that had been ranked among the 2015 Inc 500. The organization had its sights set on reaching even loftier goals—including $10 million in revenue—in 2016.


To achieve their goal and continue its growth trajectory, The FDA Group needed to address weaknesses in its approach to generating online leads and acquiring new projects from those leads. This meant assessing their current vendor’s capacity to help them reach higher goals. The company’s digital marketing agency was capable of handling basic needs and executing existing strategies, but VP of Business Development Tim Lamm, along with others on the leadership team, were starting to feel they weren’t getting enough for what they were paying. “They weren’t able to offer anything we didn’t bring to the table,” Lamm said. “We were doing okay, but we knew we could do much better.” Citing a lack of responsiveness, an underwhelming return on investment and—above all—a lack of strategic thinking, The FDA Group decided to find a new digital marketing partner as it sought to continue its rapid growth in 2016 and beyond.


The FDA Group began researching inbound marketing and HubSpot, in addition to an agency that could enable them to reach their goals. They needed a partner that not only had the know-how and creativity, but could match the level of quality demanded by the industry. “We’re a quality-driven organization. That’s just the nature of our industry, being highly regulated,” Lamm said. “Having material that is mistake-free is very important to us.” All these things considered, The FDA Group chose to partner with us starting in November 2015 following a rigorous due diligence process, and continue to work with us to this day.