Pose Detection Using AIML


What does the word “pose” mean? It means different things to different people. There is a range of poses that exist such as sitting, standing, sleeping, or running. These are referred to as the basic poses. They are all present in every person at some point during their lifetime. Pose detection is a new and emerging field in computer vision research aiming to automatically detect human poses from images. The idea behind pose detection is to identify what a person is doing based on their series of poses and extract specific information from this activity.


The client wanted to develop an AI/ML-powered dance learning application. The objective of this application is for a dance teacher to record the dance steps and provide feedback through a display. The application also enables the dancer to receive data such as calories burned, heart rate, and muscle strength. This will help dancers to make more informed decisions about their routines.


We implemented real-time object detection in our application. To do this, we used a deep learning library called “Open Pose”. The deep learning library has an API that is easy to use and can be trained on any image. This means you can detect anything in seconds without having to download the image or train your own models. With the help of a phone, the dance teacher was able to record the students’ steps and display them in real-time. They are then able to make sure that their students are showing up at practice on time and make sure the poses are perfectly executed.

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