An Efficient Online Restaurant Booking System With Real-time Visibility


The key to handling modern customers lies in immediate actions. Customer loyalty is hard to get for businesses since numerous players are ready to serve them at their convenience. In this instant gratification era, OpenTable emerged as a king to the conventional restaurant management and booking system. Gradually, OpenTable became a household name, evoking curiosity among the travel and hospitality industry about its future. Soon numerous players began experimenting with the OpenTable business model to enter into the market. Our client discovered our TRooReserve, a ready-to-launch OpenTable like restaurant booking system, to help restaurants streamline their business processes. On the other hand, our client tested the local market and found a sheer discontentment among diners towards popular restaurants. The conventional mode of table booking in restaurants demanded an upgrade. Our client requested the development of an online table reservation software, and we catered to it. We explained to him that we need to look beyond the existing online restaurant booking systems for offering him better expansion prospects in other geographies. This zeal to differentiate the proposed restaurant booking system through advancements led to some challenges. The online restaurant booking system features the following business ease for restaurateurs: Web-based Restaurant Management App for Restaurateurs: Synchronized eRecords for better tracking Management of reviews Staff training and staff management Handling online payments and billing Table and floor management Schedule planning and order management Real-time updates Handling POS Online Restaurant Management System For Diners: Booking a table Make online payments Place orders Search restaurants In-restaurant experience module Group billing Rate and review restaurants Handling POS Online Restaurant Management System For Diners: Verify and approve restaurants Handling of registration and cancellation fees Management of booking Reports and analytics Customer support ease Handle multiple categories


The online restaurant booking system is primarily about real-time operations. In such a case, it was crucial for us to integrate real-time operations for restaurant managers and customers to access the app in real-time. There were three operations to be managed in real-time: Seat Management Food Management Bill Generation System


We developed an online restaurant booking system with a suite of software to accommodate all stakeholders. The suite of software included modules for the restaurant site, customers, and cashiers. The suite of software with real-time view access for floor management, online reviews management, reservation management, assigning waiters, and online bill payments, proved to have offered convenience to all stakeholders. We also build an in-restaurant experience module for diners offering them the ease to self-assign tables. Our developers added the QR functionality. So, users could scan the QR codes present on the table to self-assign it to them. Besides this, customers can also use the OpenTable like application to place their orders, thereby reducing the wait times for managers to take their orders. Another interesting feature was group billing. The group billing feature allows individuals sitting on the same table to order their food using their app. Once the food is consumed, the billing is done separately or collectively, depending on the preference of the group.