WM Music Distribution - Frontend Remix

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We've worked with them to give our app a complete make-over, both in terms of looks (a better fit for the creative-minds using it) and usability.
Robert Gal
CEO & Founder



WM Music Distribution helps independent artists and record labels sell their music through some of the most important digital service providers (DSP) like iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and more. Artists can create profiles, upload all the necessary details for their albums and follow the status of their submitted applications.


We gave this music distribution platform a remixed look to go with the cool records they're promoting. The challenge consisted in redesigning the frontend with minimum impact on the existing backend.


We gave the platform an entirely new look, based on Material Design components, and redesigned the user flows to make the album submission process easier and more intuitive for the end user. In addition to redesigning and coding the frontend, we also helped with code auditing the existing backend and suggested a new app architecture for long-term scalability and usability.

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