Using Hubspot Sales And Marketing Pro To Increase Sales Rep Productivity And Business


Helped onboard and implement HubSpot Marketing Pro and Sales Pro to a B2B Sales Training Franchise, and saw productivity increase by 44% and business increase by 68%. The client was previous in disparate systems, and had challenges understanding sales rep activity to deal growth.


Marketing and sales contacts were kept in two separate systems, Mailchimp and the Pipedrive CRM. It was difficult to attribute which sales and marketing activities were moving the needle with the company. They had a multi-touch process, but it was difficult to map in their old CRM. They also want to have an automated way to create tasks for salespeople to improve the follow-up process. They had a goal to build highly-customized email templates and sequences to improve their sales process, while also making sure each message feels personal and meaningful. Additionally, it was difficult to see reporting and performance monitoring in their old system.


The B2B sales training franchise onboarded onto Marketing and Sales Pro from separate marketing and sales systems. All of their contacts are in one place and one system. RESULT: 44% INCREASE IN PRODUCTIVITY Tasks, emails, calls, and notes are now tracked. As tool usage upticked, we saw a 44% increase in sales rep productivity from May to June.