New Messaging Rebrand And A New Website For Fast-Growing Networking Company

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We’re at a critical inflection point in our growth, and we needed a website that better reflected they dynamism of the company and worked harder for us, giving us more customer insight, flexibility, and efficiency. They have been our marketing partner for a while now, and from the beginning of the website project, they shared our vision for what the website could be. They bring consistency and marketing expertise that allows us to take what we think are already good ideas and actually see them realized.
Sally Hudson


VCTI is a world-class leader in network technology. The Company offers services to enable broadband service providers to rapidly plan and optimize investments for network expansion and craft win-win public-private partnerships. They also offer service providers software and solutions to simplify operations and strengthen their path to digital transformation. A third business line provides expert technical resources to help technology companies develop complex networked and cloud products. A trusted partner to the most respected and innovative broadband service providers and technology companies globally, VCTI is a privately held, global company headquartered in the U.S. with offices in India.


VCTI's offerings have evolved rapidly over the past couple of years. The Company needed new corporate solutions and service messaging to reflect their new direction. They wanted a fresh look and feel to reflect the Company's growth. The Company wanted to attract more talent. The team wanted to be able to update the website easily. VCTI wanted a new logo and a modern and bold color scheme. Here are a few of the key ideas that VCTI wanted their brand to convey. The logo represents the relationship between three entities: VCTI's three lines of business – broadband expansion, digital transformation of network operations, and secure delivery of cloud services. The tight interconnection needed between our employees, leadership, and customers to deliver customer-centric products and services. The mark is a modern take on a classic network icon and illustrates their core expertise – networking. The mark is also an interpretation of the infinity icon (∞) and suggests an infinite opportunity for growth – for the Company, its customers, and employees. The sans-serif font is modern and was selected to show strength and resiliency


We worked closely with the VCTI team to revamp their messaging and value propositions. We teamed with Big Orange Lab for design and development. We managed the entire client-facing process, including copywriting, image selection, and overall project management. The new site's eye-catching design invokes a sense of forward, dynamic movement, and acceleration. The new website borrows design elements from the new logo, including the sweeping curves and detailed linework, helping to evolve the brand further. Based on the goals and the opportunities uncovered with VCTI during the discovery process, the team offered recommendations to improve page structure and content organization to create consistency throughout the site. Simplicity was a key driver of all our design and development decisions. The content strategy identified gaps in the older content, and new content was created to fill the gaps. Benefits-oriented copy replaced product-centric copy. The easy-to-use content management system allows VCTI to create and update the content at any point to keep the site fresh and current.