1-click scalable teams

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The Covid-19 pandemic created a huge unexpected problem for us. Spryte was able to deliver an online learning platform in record time for us to scale our education online.


ByteAcademy needed a complete online class and student management system to take our bootcamp to the next level. With a high staff workload and limited time to work out the details of what our specs were, SPRYTE was able to accommodate us with teams that matched out needs, when and as we needed them.


With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting us hard, we were looking at a not only a complete business rebuild, but a brand new backend Learning Management System (LMS) as well as an online classes portal for students. These three systems needed to work together flawlessly, but we still had to run our regular classes and maintain our four campuses, so our staff had limited time to work on the technical specifications needed to undertake such a large buildout.


SPRYTE was able to give us access to just the resources we needed, when we needed them, without the large time and capital expenditure that would have been needed to spec out all three systems at once. There were so many unknowns, it was reassuring to know that we could wind-down a team or pull the plug at any time with just a 2-week notice. We first started with a team to Architect, as well as determine if we could use existing technologies like the open-source Open-edX or vendor solutions.