Lingora had a few specific requirements during both the phases, apart of the basic requirement of building a cost-effective, secure, highly efficient and user-friendly website. Those specific requirements are mentioned below: - To be hosted on Acquia - Users should be allowed to record/upload audio from all platforms - Audios should be accessible from all platforms - Commenting option should be available on all audios - Push Notification feature needs to be added - Addition of the Blog section - Messaging made possible between two people, which will be visible to other members from the same language group - Creating an e-commerce platform that includes - Online Product Creation, Maintain, Discount, Checkout & Payment via Stripe - Users getting points added to their profile for each of their activity, which they can eventually use for getting discounts on chargeable lessons - The points earned were named as Lingorock Points - Lingorock points can be used to shop from the Lingora’s online shop that includes different formats/packages meant for learning a language - Lingorock points can be earned by helping others to learn a language you know - Creating an all-time leaderboard on a monthly/weekly basis


Every project comes with its own set of requirement, opportunity, and challenges. Yes, this one too had quite some challenges, which included adding quite a few challenging features to the website - mentioned as follows: - Multilingual Site - Native speakers can rate audios and provide feedback(s) - Language-wise audio & user search - Rating system - Mobile responsive - E-commerce platform


Our fundamental goal was to build and then upgrade the Lingora website to match its extensive usage and multilingual support for all the free members of the website. The structure and functioning had to be such that smoothens the entire process of learning a new language on a few clicks! Outcomes, sometimes, are not very descriptive; rather it turns out to be an experience in itself. This very project of Lingora was one such thing for us. The outcome and success of this very project were that the native speakers of multiple languages got an opportunity and platform to help the new language learners on an altogether different level. The popularity of Lingora has grown extensively in the past couple of years.