Brocade Communication Systems


Brocade Communication Systems


Working on a tight deadline, Brainstorm delivered a video that came in on time, on budget, and beyond expectations. The client said that no vendor had ever been as successful in picking up their visual language so quickly, utilizing their brand in a creative way to impactfully deliver their message.


Brocade, a global IT networking solutions company, came to Brainstorm in need of a compelling video that would effectively position the brand as a viable source for networking technology for the healthcare sector. Previous attempts at videos for this sector hadn’t properly positioned the brand.


After in-depth discussions with the client, we scripted a narrative for the video that elevated the human level while highlighting Brocade’s unique business value. With sign-off from the client, our video team brought the script to life, marrying dynamic motion graphics with imagery from Brocade’s extensive iconographic library. The finished video was completed on schedule for display on the corporate website and at trade shows.

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