Data Management Utilities


The automation of these time consuming and error prone tasks led to a greatly improved business process. The combination of Java technology and open-source software packages reduced the total cost of ownership for the client.


Our client, one of the largest mortgage issuers, was receiving and managing deal information in multiple physical formats such as simple text, Excel spreadsheets, Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word document etc., as well as in a number of logical formats. We were tasked with the development of a set of utilities to read transaction prospectuses, cash flow, Dec tables, Price/Yield, and Retail tables from multiple sources and comparing them against the client’s internal databases, as well as with information from third-party products such as Intex.


Analysis and design of the system through extensive interaction with the business users. The system was built on the Java platform using Eclipse IDE from IBM. The system also took advantage of existing open-source software packages. We converted the numerous data sources into standardized logical formats which were flexible and matched with the client’s logical formats.