Virtual Testdrive app

Peugeot is on the lookout for more and more digital communication opportunities in order to reach clients in an original way. Together with DPDK we are working on strengthening our innovative image.
Bart van Slobbe


From the comfort of their couch, potential customers get to experience a test drive without having to go to the dealer. The app fulfills the needs of the modern consumer by bridging the gap between online research and a visit to the dealership. Nowadays specs and online reviews are taken into careful consideration by potential customers. A VR test-drive is a helpful addition to the experience of buying a car.


Help a global car manufacturer expand its brand ecosystem with relevant customer experiences.


We launched an app that showcases Peugeot’s cars and test drives. The app boasts a minimalistic design with rich experiences. App users can find information on the car models, watch highlights on video and take their favorite car for a virtual spin. The app converts users into qualified leads by allowing them to request a real-life test drive with the tap of a button. The app had a 70% download ratio in the app store and the number of test drives at dealerships increased with more than 150%.

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