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Once we selected them, we had a series of discovery and onboarding meetings where developers were brought up to speed on current technologies used, functionality and roadmap. From there, developers were brought into our processes and sprints.
Andrew McCloy
CTO & Co-Founder



In 2020, our client Handle was in the business of medical equipment sales, providing online marketplaces where healthcare organizations could resell their outmoded medical equipment. But when the COVID pandemic hit, they realized their business opportunity was far larger than reselling MRI machines and CT scanners. They needed a software development partner that could help them develop a comprehensive tool for their clients. They needed to expand their core offerings to meet market demand.


The COVID pandemic placed unique strains on global healthcare systems to track ventilators, PPE, and vaccines, in addition to standard machinery like dialysis machines, scanners, fitness centre equipment, MRI machines, and so much more. HANDLE’s clients needed more than just a marketplace to sell their old equipment. They needed a comprehensive Capital Cycle Management (CCM) system — a logistics tool that could help them manage their warehouses, track the movement of their assets, calculate depreciation, and project when to resell their equipment at just the right time. They also needed a budget management tool that would allow them to determine when new equipment was needed, and factor that into their operating budgets. Building a tool for this complex required a big and experienced development team. In short, Handle was in a unique position to create a logistics management chain for hospital equipment. When they needed a software development partner to bring their vision to life, they called on us to amplify their existing IT resources.


Handle was not a company that had months of lead time or a large in-house staff to get this project done. While they did have existing CTO leadership, they needed additional experienced developers who could hit the ground running on this new project, assisting with the full stack from backend to frontend, to QA.we delivered, vetting, interviewing, and installing two new developers on Handle’s team within days. After signing a standard non-disclosure agreement. The team was able to go through an extensive discovery process with the client, learning about their existing tech infrastructure, the project roadmap, and the project management process. With the client’s CTO managing day-to-day direction, the team was quickly incorporated into Handle’s processes and sprints. With the first set of deliverables completed, Handle was happy enough with our services to expand their outstaffed team to four developers and one automated QA expert, working on making continuous improvements to the marketplace.

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