Insurance Company Electronic Form Submission


We developed an online application forms entry for the automated process of application management : initial form submission, missing information gathering process, process of decision making, and insurance quote acceptance process. The product was implemented for the US national leader in healthcare liability insurance for medical and dental professionals, as well as hospital healthcare facilities.


Manual paperwork to gather and process prospective client information became the thing of the past with its time-consuming and expensive flow: 60% of all applications were received by fax or 60% of all applications were received by fax Expensive transition of gathered data into diverse processing storages; Information gathering process required involvement of various specialists: blank distributors, customer fulfilments, customer service managers, data validators, etc. Inconclusive candidate source data: retrieving excess information for review, or vise versa dealing with insufficient data that requires considerable review time and human resources.


As a part of the integrated Self Serve portal, we developed automated online forms for entry customer data. Main features of the forms are the following: Self-completion and submission of an insurance application from a client side; 24/7 availability; Validation layer of insurance eligibility data based on business rules prior to submission; Form versions and supplements for specific locations and time intervals; Automated applications processing as a part of business flow; Immediate digital transmission of information and case creation; Automated premium estimation; Automated insurance quote generation; E-signature for submissions; Online requests for policy adjustment; Soft copies entry process is easily outsourced; Attachment of additional documentation; Impersonation of form filling; PDF on-the-fly generation.

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