IPSO Machinery Parts E-commerce

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They managed everything from scratch, from product discovery to the launch of our MVP, on which we continue to build.
Veronica Dumitrescu
After-Sales Marketing Manager


IPSO is part of the French group Monnoyeur, one of the largest distributors of farming equipment. As one of the biggest players on the market, they wanted to seize the opportunity and create a highly robust and scalable e-commerce solution, from which to develop an entire ecosystem for the modern farmer.


Agriculture is a rapidly evolving field, especially with the advent of Industry 4.0 digital transformation. The goal was to design and build an e-commerce platform dedicated to providing quality parts and logistics assistance to IPSO after-sales customers.


The project covered the design and development of both the e-commerce front office and back office. Customers can select from a wide range of machinery parts and place orders for in-store or at-home delivery. Plus, they can schedule service operations for their equipment, or order as a firm. We have also built an admin platform, through which IPSO employees can manage products, currency and orders.

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