Body Logic Massage Chiropractic

We have loved working with the team for our website and SEO needs. They helped us create a website that truly represents our office and our values. They explained everything in a way that we could easily understand and spent the time needed to get to know us and our vision. We would highly recommend the team if you’re ready to take your business to the next level.
A. Meyers-Kuper


Body Logic Massage Chiropractic


Body Logic Massage & Chiropractic is an award-winning practice in Virginia Beach Virginia. They worked with us, a growth agency that is a certified HubSpot partner, to increase traffic, leads and and patient visits. Body Logic was able to quickly see the impact of the new partnership


Body Logic Massage & Chiropractic is great at retaining patients. They just needed more patients coming through the door to help them scale faster. They went from only having one doctor on staff to two. While they were seeing enough patients to cover bills, payroll, and maintain some profitability, they needed to increase the number of patients seen each month to continue to scale. Body logic didn’t have an internal marketing team, the time nor expertise to manage the strategies they needed to grow.


We started by redesigning the site and implementing current SEO and conversion strategies. We also modified their ad campaigns and keywords to relevant phrases that garnered real, quality traffic. Finally, we implemented inbound strategies to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.