We see them as a future partner for own expansion. With more almost a decade working together, we will need support to our new steps in the growing markets.
Micheal Schiener


Cashpoint Solutions, European renowned sports betting and gambling company, made betting experience accessible with our integrated embedded devices and progressive web and mobile technologies. With a dedicated remote team for supporting multiple skills, they have made their technology a major competitive advantage which is responsible to drive growth. A super secure experience for data exchange.


A major online betting company wanted to bring mobile apps and retail betting terminals (consoles) to people who like to place bets responsibly. Their objective is to increase accessibility of betting experience beyond casinos and placing a high performance betting console at storefronts, malls and other commercial areas. They also wanted to start their online experience with a an attractive application both for mobile and web. One of the major challenges is to provide optimum experience via embedded systems placed at commercial areas as those systems possess limited computational power. Another challenge was to manage synchronous data streaming and updating across all platforms and minimize/ neglect system lag.


We developed a high-performance robust console betting platform using Intermediate OS to increase accessibility. In order to ensure data synchronization and manage a large stream of data, the solution was orchestrated Intermediate OS, with a Request and Reply protocol. We created a platform for the client’s three terminals that ensured high performance while keeping it user-friendly, secure and graphic-rich. The console platform was equipped with Multiple betting options, unlimited winning opportunity, individual as well as live tournament Betting, member-exclusive access and benefits and lastly Secured, timed sessions and authentications.