Staff Augmentation For The American Company Offering Flooring And Installation

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This is the best offshoring experience I’ve had in my 25 years of doing this. They're extremely professional and proactive, and they have the right kind of attitude. The people they hire are all go-getters; they don’t just sit around. The team is very driven. I can tell that they’re a solid organization.
Martin Weber



Our client is a flooring company from the USA selling their offerings from door to door. Sales representatives come directly to clients with flooring samples, do the measurements and take care of the installation. This is a Java project based on Spring. The CRM is completely containerized and scales well.


Since the client has a vast customer base, there was a need to automate operations in order to increase sales and improve customer service. The company planned to get rid of 30-year old ERP software they were using for our CRM warehousing, fulfilment and orders. To control some of the cost, clients decided to extend their in-house team instead of buying off the shelf solutions.


We have been cooperating with the client for 8 months. During this time the client has received: 1. Technical reinforcement of the team The client needed development resources to enhance the in-house team. On the client’s request, we offer engineers with necessary experience, knowledge and seniority. 2. Flexibility in scaling a team Based on business needs, the client is able to scale up and down the team. We try to ensure maximum flexibility in our cooperation. If there is a need for additional resources – we provide specialists in approximately 2-4 weeks. When the project required fewer engineers, we reduced the team. 3. Strong technical expertise in backend, frontend, AQA and IOS During our cooperation, the team has grown from 2 to 7 engineers. Following the needs of the project, we provide highly skilled specialists in QA, Backend, Frontend and IOS development. 4. Managing the administrative side of the work We follow the agile approach, doing two-week sprints. The project manager coordinates the internal team meetings to make decisions around architecture. The client didn’t have to worry about the bureaucracy side of the work. Our manager covered all the HR and accounting errands, we were responsible for invoicing, staffing, organization of work, vacations and sick leaves, communication and professional growth of the engineers. 5. Adapting to the client’s software development approaches Since every company is unique and has its own way of building software, our engineers adapt and learn the client’s approach to software development. We always manage to stay productive within the client’s development methodology. 6. On-demand UX/UI designer and IOS engineer When the client requires additional resources we provide specialists to close the need. During our cooperation, the client decided to give iPads to the sales representatives to build the job right there in front of the customer. We provided a UX/UI designer and two IOS developers for this purpose. Our team has built a mobile application where customers can electronically sign the order and make a payment with a credit card over a Square reader. 7. Gathering requirements and specification for the project Since the work on the mobile application started, our team was responsible for gathering requirements and specifications for the app. We collected information from the owner and sales representatives to build relevant documentation.