Quality Human Resource Management System Solution


A Comprehensive human resource management system, a single platform where all the activites for employee management could be performed seamlessly.


We faced challenges in implementation of following features: Automated setup for registered clients to run on separate sub- domain. Demo Database feature where registered client can play with demo data and understand system in an easy way. Also they can switch between demo database to production database anytime without losing any data. Customer Reports, whwere client can customize and make multiple reports as per the need with export feature (i.e. Print, Excel and CSV and Email to users). Power edit feature, where user can update record for multiple users from sinlge place. Email alerts feature where system will send notification to users automatically.


We used WHMCS APIs and hooks for managing payment process and account management. AWS service was used for setting up system in cloud server for better performance and scalability. We used CRON job for sending notification to users.

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