ShotTracker Team - Real-Time Sports Tracking Solution



On this project, we partnered with a renowned sports data-as-a-service provider for basketball associations, that operates primarily in the United States and now works closely with a variety of universities, NABC coaches, and professional teams. The ShotTracker company was founded in Kansas City (USA) in 2012 as an ambitious sports analytic startup with the original idea to provide basketball players with an app to track their activities during workouts in real-time. Before we got down to work on the ShotTracker Team app, we’d already worked with the client’s specific Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors, beacons, while developing a fan engagement solution and athlete performance management solution. Due to this, the client was already well-acquainted with our technical expertise and qualifications, so they chose our company to deliver their next solution — the ShotTracker Team app.


Our initial challenge in this project was to assure connecting BLE-sensors properly and gathering real-time data on various parameters from sports games about a team in general and each player separately. We took this idea further and decided to create a sports performance tracking solution for professionals that would be able to: Integrate the IoT-based technologies properly Interact efficiently with BLE-powered sensors Track current players’ positions in real-time Gather and analyze data from various sports games and workouts Store data in the cloud and synchronize it in real-time Run perfectly on both iOS and Android devices Before the start, we chose the most suitable development model to interact with the ShotTracker management and shaped an appropriate development team for the project. Then we defined the right types of sports data we should gather via beacons and the right tools to store, analyze and provide this data to end-users.


Our solution was primarily focused on gathering, processing, storing sports statistical data in real-time and sharing it with various stakeholders via the application. Thus, using the ShotTracker Team app, coaches, team managers, athletes, betting providers could track different criteria of the entire team or each specific player apart thanks to the following features: Sports gear & movement equipment analytics To create an effective ecosystem of BLE-sensors for gathering and analyzing data about every movement of the ball and players on the court, we set up the five system power modes of beacons, such as Active, Sleep, Deep Sleep, Hibernate, and Stop. Real-time box scores and sports performance data AR-based visualization For displaying real-time box scores and statistics, we run an algorithm to get precise data from a variety of sensors fixed on the sports gear & equipment and in the corners of the court. To assure vivid data visualization, we designed a specific court view map with the real-time positions of the ball and players. We also implemented AR-based elements, so users could project the court and players’ positions on any surface via their phone or tablet and follow the game.

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