Easily track the status of your projects

KPIs that make tracking simple

Today anyone can whip up a project board with infinite detail into the status of each issue. Instead Spryte gives you the key metrics you need to instantly know whether your project is on track or in danger.


We capture metrics from all angles. You're not getting just the PM's point of view, but information from every team member.

We only show you relevant metrics that intuitively talk to you, because everything else is just noise.

We keep metrics in real-time, no need to wait for status updates, your info is always up to date.

Simple KPIs
Spryte Productivity Metrics

It's all about productivity

Every project has it's unique difficulties, but solving problems is what a tech team does. Stop evaluating the day to day issues, and get a high-level view of your teams' productivity overall with Spryte.


Get a vetted team from the start for the unique problems you're about to solve. Specialists make all the difference.

Get the data to follow your team's productive journey. By following a truly Agile process, you can see improvements in planning, tracking, and productivity with every Sprint.

Productivity is about having the correct incentives. At Spryte we track your team's ability to solve your problems and deliver working features.

Comparison metrics like you've never seen before

Let's face it, we all want to know how good our team is. With Spryte comparison metrics, our Enteprise partners can finally see that. View your teams's productivity against other teams facing the same range of problems.


See how your team is performing vs. others with similar stacks and in the same industry domain.

Tweak your team configuration for best value, best productivity or to match your budget.

Finally, know with certainty if you have the best team money can buy. If not, then at least know where you stand and how far you have to go to get there. Knowing is half the battle.

Spryte Comparison Metrics
Spryte AProject Success Metrics

We keep our focus on Project Success

Every KPI Spryte uses is geared toward tracking success. Today too many tech projects turn out to underperform and underwhelm. At Spryte our many concern is turning that around.


We give you insights, not overwhelming infomration. When KPIs are concerned, less is more.

See at a glance if your projects are on track or not.

We focus on buidling working tech, so you can focus on your business.

KPIs at a glance

We're working every day to make it easier for you to track projects with Spryte

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