AROBS Transilvania Software is European by birth, International by culture and a top Romanian software company. It is expanding since 1998, as it started as an IT outsourcing company in its early years and became a reliable partner in offshore and nearshore software services projects. AROBS is an IT solution provider of ready-to-use systems and tailor-made software based on the latest technologies, for extremely competitive industries as Automotive Engineering, Travel Software, Hospitality Solutions, Life Sciences, Home Automation Systems, IoT, Enterprise - Cloud application development.   AROBS is one of the very few Romanian-owned companies that boldly expands in Europe and Asia, through acquisitions and new market conquests. AROBS has developed its own products line for domestic and international markets in Telematics (TrackGPS, SAS Grup, Skyshield), Business Optimization - Optimall suite and Softmanager, HR focused-UCMS by AROBS and it is a strong player in consumer electronics distribution. At the moment, over 800 employees and collaborators work in AROBS offices worldwide. In Romania we are present in Cluj-Napoca, Târgu Mureș, Baia Mare, Arad, Suceava, Iași and Bucharest. The company has international offices in Germany, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, Indonesia and CoSo by AROBS in the Netherlands and Belgium. Its more than 20 years experience helped us develop an impressive offer of project expertise, that recommend us a preferred partner for outsourcing in Romania. Our TechZones are:  



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