APG Emerging Tech

APG Emerging Tech

We work with our clients to create solutions to the pain points in their business processes by using technology and developing specific software to serve them.  We are a team of diverse, experienced facilitation experts who have worked with public, private, commercial, and governmental clients to execute and implement specialized problem-solving strategies. Our core offerings include: Facilitation - We combine expertly trained and experienced Facilitators with APG’s proven workshop methodology to ensure your time and energy are well-spent. Process Improvement - We provide an objective assessment of processes in terms of what is working well today, what is not working well, probable failure points, dependencies, and contingency planning Innovation and Ideation - Our team are disciplined inventors at heart. Our approach to Innovation and Ideation therefore combines the best of objective Facilitation with Rapid Prototyping of concepts Virtual Reality - While VR has been around for many years, only recently have we witnessed the intersection of headset technology, production quality, and a positive return on investment Voice Technologies - With products built using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, we bring real-world expertise to our clients by assessing opportunities and the desired VUX (voice user experience) Web Applications - We design and build user-centric web applications that connect employees and customers to complete critical, analytical and transactional tasks.



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