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We work hard to simplify your life. We think tech should solve your problems, not create new ones. Try out Spryte Teams on Android or Apple, and start building tech that works for your business.

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What makes

Spryte special?

All of our platforms interact with one another to create one uniform product. Learn more about them below.

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One click team sprints

If you're technical, tell us what your stack should be. If you're not, choose by project type. Having developers with knowledge of your industry domain is the best way to guarantee communication will be smooth.

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Get instant results

We compute billions of combinations behind the scenes so you don't have to spend your time sifting though results. We present you with 3 teams based on simple price options.

The right team, every time

We focus on finding the right team for your unique requirements, so you can focus on your business. Pick either an offshore team, a team in your timezone, or a local team.

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Get Full Control

Choose the team that works for you! Select a global distributed team for the lowest sprint cost. a nearshore team to simplify communication, or a local team for total control.

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Book in seconds

No more lengthy negotiations, no need to spend weeks getting quotes, let’s get tech built today!

Actionable Data

Get transparency like never before. See what your team is up to in real time, track efficiency, and compare across other teams.

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