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Zensar Technologies is among the top 13 software services providers from India. An RPG Group company, Zensar has nearly 7,000 employees with sales and operations presence across US, UK, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Singapore, China, Australia, Canada and Japan. The Company delivers comprehensive services for mission-critical applications, enterprise applications, business intelligence and analytics, CRM and Business Process Management. Zensar also provides innovative Infrastructure Management solutions that enable leading companies worldwide to optimize, secure, manage and support their mission-critical infrastructure. Using its multi-shore capabilities, Zensar combines expert consulting, integration and support services with world-class customer service to help IT organizations reduce costs, increase efficiencies and manage risk better. The Company has developed tools and methodologies, including the proprietary Solution BluePrint (SBP), which enables its clients with innovative business solutions and a rapid 'go-to-market' capability. The Company supports Fortune 500 clients with software business solutions that help them compete in the digital economy.

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