Wilhelm Foundation Migration from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9


Wilhelm Foundation is a Non-profit organization, whose goal is to diagnose the children of all ages who are suffering from undiagnosed diseases. They work towards the finding cause and effects of the problems which are not founded by medical science yet, to be precise the diseases which are not identified in any medical test reports. For discovery of new diseases and solving the enigma, they bring-up leading specialists together from different corners of the world. On considering the goal of the project and challenges of early release to Drupal 9, it was important to consider all module migration into account. In addition, to move the website to new hosting was an equally exigent task to deal with. Listed things were to be part of challenged requirement: Contrib modules port from D8 to D9 (Whether it is ported by maintainer or not) Theme compatibility check with D9 All deprecated code removal in custom modules


Challenges are the one which inspire you to deliver the best of all. Wilhelm Foundation’s existing website was not built-up in the standard formation because of which the problems were incarnated. Our technical team recognized the details to be taken care of while performing the migration and switching of the host provider. Manual process of Migration There were several modules which do not have a D9 release. So, needed to perform the manual migration process for which demand was to review each and every module and functionality to every single step of the process. In order to make sure nothing breaks and everything works smoothly. Drupal 9’s dependencies to Manage Earlier hosts were not providing the support to Drupal 9 requirements. So, there was a need, to switch, to the host which provides the all support for the new version. Transition of hosting with Drupal 8 while considering the compatibility of Drupal 9 was a crucial task to perform. The challenge was to identify blockers and deal with each of them to ensure the end result as desired.


By accepting all the challenges coming our way, we provided the best experience to the client by delivering the optimised website with DigitalOcean hosting and Drupal 9. The desired outcome pointers are: Upgradation to Drupal 9 from Drupal 8 With the forethought of all the impediments to implementation of the new release Drupal version, we made it an easy shift. By taking all the little details of each module used in Drupal 8 to the account, and removing all deprecated code from the website, we make sure not to impair any existing functionality. Switching to the new host DigitalOcean All in all, by performing the successful hosting swift to DigitalOcean, it gives a new boost to the website performance. Site speed was enhanced considerably. Managed code with Git and Jenkins We integrated Git to manage the source code and history of the changes. In addition to that, implemented our handcrafted Jenkins pipeline. By which, we automated the code deployment process. The dependencies were managed by creating the different feature branches.

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