Helping a Globally Ranked Insurance Pioneer Regulate Content And The Upkeep of Their Intranet Portal


Client is an end-to-end insurance solutions company offering extensive range of general insurance products, a wide network, claim servicing capabilities and more. The client’s IT and Corporate Communications team managed the existing intranet portal in collation with an external vendor. However, the existing vendor was unable to manage the portal. Their introduction of new features and content had unfavorably affected communication and collaboration between the management and the employees. The business stakeholders were then looking for a reliable vendor to enhance the performance, usability and design of their existing intranet, as well as manage content on a monthly basis. Being a Gold Partner with Microsoft, we were considered as the alternate vendor that they were looking for, who would improve upon their portal’s usability, functionality, performance and integration.


The Corporate Communication and IT Teams wanted to improve upon the existing intranet portal to enable efficient communication and collaboration within the organization. This efficacy is dependent on regular content uploading but the existing vendor was unable to keep up with the required pace and customer expectations. Additionally end users were unable to view past data across the various sections. A combination of these drawbacks led to disrupted communication and affected collaboration between teams and the management.


The company’s existing intranet portal was built using SharePoint 2016 and we commenced work undertaking the responsibility of communicating with the corporate communication team to upload the content on a monthly basis. Our regular updates, combined with improvements and enhancement to the portal every month made communication across stakeholders easier. our team collaborated with the Corporate Communications Team and IT Team for the portal’s content and solution enhancement on a monthly basis as decided upon. The newly improved intranet portal was now not only a content platform for end users but a means to co-function and communicate with other team members. In fact, the management leveraged this platform to interact with their employees – for instance, the feature Kudos was implemented to appreciate achievements of team members while Awards & Ceremonies was to celebrate accolades. In fact, this intranet platform also informed end users about their colleagues’ birthdays with a provision to wish them, celebrate their work anniversary and also like or comment on any new activities that a member might have uploaded on the common wall. This further instilled a sense of community among users which has magnanimously improved employee engagement at the organization. we brought in value-adds like integrating Single-Sign-on for SAP Success Factors through the intranet portal. This novel version of the intranet portal was enhanced by UI enrichments by our team.